Yarn Shop Evaluation

When we decided to create a Podcast our goal was to share our passion for knitting and the fiber arts with each other and the knitting community at large. We had met and become friends in a local yarn shop (LYS) and we really appreciated the value of a wonderful local shop. Therefore, when we brainstormed about the specific content of our podcast we decided that visiting and reviewing (always in a positive way) local yarn shops would be one of our main goals. In addition, we wanted to get out and explore the full fiber experience of knitting conventions, fiber festivals and knitting groups and guilds; all of the great places that knitters gather in the wild! 

 As we continue to podcast, our goal is to create a list of yarn shops that we visit and provide a ranking category to help our listeners understand and become aware of the differences in the yarn shops and the services they offer. Each LYS has a unique atmosphere that they provide for their knitting community.


As a yarn enthusiast have you ever noticed that no two yarn shops are alike? Each one caters to different needs/wants. That is the beauty of exploring all the different yarn shops.  So as Kim and I venture out  to each yarn shop we will try and categorize the elements that each LYS has to offer.  We think that our chart will be a lovely resource for yarn enthusiasts to use when they are traveling, looking for something fun and fiber-y to do, or just exploring places in their own town. 

Below is our Yarn shop evaluation form that will be updated as we interview each yarn shop we visit. Please use it as a resource to help you learn about local yarn shops.

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