Friday, May 18, 2018

Episode 50: We celebrate our 50th!

Hello dear Knitters and welcome to our 50th podcast! We decided to change things up for this special episode and re-introduce ourselves for the newer listeners and to ask each other a few questions about our knitting life. We announce a few new Kal's and we share some of the plans that we have for the podcast in the coming months. Grab some champagne or sparkling cider along with your knitting and get comfortable!

Episode 50 Audio

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA System
  • After the finish line
  • Getting to know us, a little tete a tete
  • What's on our black board?
    We celebrated our 50th podcast with champagne!

    Cheers to you listeners!

On the P.A. System

  1. June 9, 2018 is the annual event 'World Wide Knit in Public Day!' We are hosting an event on 6/9/18 at the Fox and Goose pub in down town Sacramento from 2:00-5:00 pm. We'd love to have you join us! Our plan is to not only knit in public together, but to also kick off a month long sock kal. We can all cast on together (if you're unable to join us, hopefully you'll be able to co at home or join an event that is in your area. Look here for details.) Either way, please tag us on Instagram with #destined2knitpodcastwwkip . You can also post in the forum on our Ravelry group.
  2. We would really appreciate it if listeners could rate and review the podcast on ITunes or wherever you download your podcasts. Thank you!
  3. Join our Ravelry group and introduce yourself, we look forward to meeting and getting to know you!

After the finish line

Kim was wearing her newly finished Tegna sweater by Caitlin Hunter. 

Marcy has worn her Dawning sweater, which you can hear more about in ep 15. She also wore her newly finished Sandshore open cardigan. Wilson wore his monster pants and you can hear more about them in ep. 24. Marcy was wearing her purchased knit sweater, which was a sample that she bought from our Lys. The Campbell & 2nd is a beautiful summer top and she's thrilled with it.
Marcy's altered Sandshore cardigan with the crochet fix around the neck,
you can see the collar doesn't lay flat now but it still looks good.


We both re share our knitting stories and a little bit about ourselves. 
We mention:
*Stitch and Bitch book by Debbie Stoller  *May is Bike Month  *Caitlin Hunter  *an interview with Caitlin by Kristy Glass *Andrea Mowry *Joji Locatelli *Veera Valimaki *Ann Budd and her Knit For Fun retreats *Andi Satterlund * Nancy Marchant * Bakery Bears Podcast *Vogue knitting Live 
Marcy's moms crochet vest that she has that her mom
made back in the 60's. Isn't it adorable!

What's on our Black Board?

Our sock kal will run from 6/9/18-7/9/18. On 8/1/18 we will start our 'Reading and Knitting Bingo' kal. This will be so much fun and Kim is hoping that you'll read and knit along with her this summer because that's such a great time to read! There'll be more details about that in our next episode. 

We are planning some more research papers. We would like to go in depth on these topics: decreasing, increasing, blocking and steeking. These will all be fun subjects to learn more about in the next 6 months. 

We will be taking a short hiatus while Kim and her DH are in Europe, but we'll be back in mid June with lots of knitting, spinning, sewing and weaving content! We'll share our experiences from the WWKIP day and much more. 

Thank you, as always, for joining us! We appreciate each and everyone of you. Happy Knitting!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Episode 49: Good bye April

Hello dear knitters! Thanks for joining us for our 49th podcast. Marcy and Kim are in the classroom today (we actually recorded in Kim's husband's car!) and they will share all of their wip's, fo's, and uber craftiness. Grab your knitting, a soothing beverage, get really comfortable and settle in to listen to this installment of the Destined2knit podcast!

On a sadder note, Marcy's father was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marcy and her entire family during this challenging time. xx

Episode 49 Audio

Look at all Kim's scarves that she weaved.

Podcast shenanigans!

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the finish line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. We are Uber Crafty
  5. What's on our Black Board?     
On the P.A. System

  • Stash Dash is coming up! This yearly event is put on by the Knitgirllls video podcast and you can check their Ravelry forum for dates and information about this year's SD.
  • Marcy shared some information about the 1st LYS Day and how well it went! The designer Casapinka designed a shawl especially for the inaugural day and it's still available for purchase on Ravelry- the Local Yarn Shawl
  • She also talked about the tabs on the top of the 'yarn' page on Ravelry and how useful they are.  

After the Finish Line

Kim wore some of her hand knit socks and one of her "Crochet Crack Cardigans." There is no Ravelry project page for this project because it was knit/crocheted before she started keeping project pages. Here is another one of the crocheted cardigans that she made. The pattern is Chevron Lace Cardigan by Milobo. 

Marcy wore her Chaleur and you can hear more about this in ep. 45. She also wore her Wind Wave Tee and you can hear more about this top in ep 11. Marcy wore two of her sweaters from 2015, the After the Rain and the Eastbound Sweater
Marcy wearing her Chaleur when visiting her Grandma
with her Brother and Sister and Pippa!

Show & Tell

Kim is almost finished with her "Thanks Alice," socks. They need to have an afterthought heel picked up and knit. She is also continuing to work on her Tegna by Caitlin Hunter. Right now, she is stalled a bit because she's alternating her hand dyed skeins and she is also doing short rows on the shoulders/back and she can't alternate skeins while doing short, we'll see what happens!
This shows you how Kim picked up stitches above
and below the row that she's going to cut the yarn
in order to pick up and knit the afterthought heel
in her socks.

Marcy has finished the knitting on her Sandshore cardigan by Alicia Plummer. She loves it and is looking forward to wearing it. She is also continuing to work on her Wavelets Tee by Rumiko Alexander. This is a gorgeous oversized lacey top with a drop stitch repeat. 
Marcy's Finished Sandshore Cardigan!

We are Uber Crafty

Kim hasn't been knitting very much because she's been spending most of her making time weaving! She wants to use up the novelty yarn that she has from the 90's and 00's and weaving is a great way to use it up. She has finished 2 scarves and has another on the loom. This endeavor hasn't been HOWLER free though...when warping the loom for her 2nd scarf she messed it up THREE times in 3 different ways! Things are back on track and she's been using her Craftsy Unlimited membership to watch Deborah Jarchow's Rigid Heddle weaving class and that's been very helpful. 
This is the latest scarf on Kim's Cricket, rigid heddle loom.

The Cricket loom

What's on our Black Board?

Our next podcast will be our 50th episode! Marcy and Kim are planning something special to mark and celebrate the occasion and we hope that you'll join us.

Thank you for listening everybody. We hope you have a fantastic couple of weeks as we welcome May and warmer temperatures. Keep on knitting and we'll see you soon.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Episode 48: Spinning research and lots of FO's!

Welcome knitters and thank you for joining us for our 48th episode! Marcy and Kim share all of their new co's, wip's AND many fo's! In addition, Kim has a short spinning research paper to share; Spring/Summer are the perfect time of year to get into spinning! So, grab your knitting, a bracing beverage (why not?!) get comfy and settle in.

Episode 48 Audio

Pippa & Marcy wearing there knitwear at the ski hill.
Marcy is wearing here Light Gale.
Pippa is wearing a top made by Gaga called Cameron Cardi.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA System
  • After the Finish Line
  • Show & Tell
  • Spinning Research Paper
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

TNNA (The National Needlearts association,) announced "The First Local Yarn Store Day!" This will be held on April 21, 2018 and it's a day for all of us fiber arts enthusists to celebrate our brick and mortar local yarn shops...because what would we do without them? If you have an LYS, reach out to them and ask what they have planned and then go and support them!

After the Finish Line

Marcy showing off her P-Rex!
Marcy was finally able to wear her P-Rex by Susanne Sommer and it looked amazing! She blocked it and is happier with the length and fit of the sleeves. You can hear more about this FO in episode 38. She also wore her ...a hint of summer top by Isabel Kraemer and it was a huge hit with our knitting group. You can hear more about this project in ep. 32.  The beautiful Light Gale was a perfect outer wear piece for Marcy to wear to Tahoe. Ep. 25 has all of the details about this lovely cape.  It was way back in ep. 4 that Marcy talked about her True sweater by Joji and she enjoyed wearing it last week when it was chilly here. 

Kim wore her Little Bird sweater so much that she had to wash and re block it. Sadly, the neck line unraveled a bit and needs mending. She has been wearing her Zweig  color work pullover a lot and she's seriously thinking about knitting a 2nd next Fall. Her poor Cullum Tee got taken out to dinner but was drenched by a glass of white wine! Thankfully, linen is hardy and will wash easily. Her new Fo, the Waiting for Rain shawl has been Kim's go to shawl for chilly days and evenings and she loves it and is planning on taking it to Europe this summer. 

Show & Tell

Kim has finally finished her Hermione's Everyday socks that she co last March. The Malabrigo sock yarn was a dream to knit with and the pattern is always fun and easy. However, she made these socks a bit too short and so they will be a wonderful Mother's Day gift for her very knitworthy Mom. 

Kim is still working on the gorgeous Tegna top by Caitlin Hunter. She is using 3 skeins of her hand dyed yarn and the base is merino and silk from KnitPicks. She also has a new co, a pair of socks using a skein of Zauberball in an unknown color way. She is putting in contrasting cuffs, heels and toes and is knitting these 2 at a time, top down and with magic loop on a US 1. 

***Kim mentioned that she wants to get another shawl on her needles and is thinking of casting on one of Hunter Hammersen's gorgeous shawls from the book Curls.

Marcy working on her 2nd
Sand Shore Cardigan.
Marcy has been knitting up a storm and has 2 Fo's! She finished her lovely Chaleur pullover by Julie Hoover. She used 2 types of Habu held together and it's beautiful. Make sure to check out her project page and read all about it. She also finished her Olympia socks which she co during the Olympics. She used a special kit from Jimmy Beans Wool and the socks are so cute and patriotic. 

Marcy is almost done with her 2nd (can you believe that she's knitting something again?) Sand shore cardigan by Alicia Plummer. She cast this sweater on almost a year to the day after she co her 1st one, which she ended up giving to her Mom for Mother's Day. She is once again using Fibra Natura Good Earth solids in the Jade color way. This is a fast and fun cardi to knit for Spring through Fall. 

In addition, Marcy has another new co! The Wavelets tee by Yumiko Alexander and she is using DanDoh yarn Cotton Fine in 2 colors and she is holding them together. So far, the project is a little tedious, but the fabric is looking gorgeous and she's excited to get it finished and wear it. 
The start of the Wavelets Tee!

***Marcy won a prize from a KAL that she participated in with the Yarniacs. It was the self indulgent KAL and she won a gorgeous skein of Yarn Ink tough sock yarn. The dyer, Trisha, has just started a video podcast on You Tube called 'The Best Day Ever!' podcast, go check it out!
Marcy's skein of yarn she won!

Spinning Research Paper

  • It's a good idea to begin with a drop spindle
  • When/if you decide to commit to a wheel, try to spend some time with a few and see how you feel with them. Good places to try out different wheels are: fiber festivals, Stitches events, borrow one from a friend or reach out to your local Spinning/Weaving Guild. 
  • 3 main types of wheels are: Saxony, Castle and e-spinners. 

We are Uber Crafty

Kim had a little tendonitis last week and FINALLY got her Cricket Rigid Heddle loom out after 3.5 years because she couldn't knit.  She is excited to use up her stash of novelty yarn from 20 odd years ago and also to become reacquainted with weaving. She is weaving a scarf and plans on casting on another one soon. 
Kim was weaving on her scarf while watching
the Walking Dead.

What's on our Black Board?

In our next podcast Kim and Marcy will share all of their current wip's, Fo's and new cast on's...spoiler alert; there will be many new cast ons! There will be spinning and weaving and who knows what other types of Uber Craftiness!

Thank you for joining us! We hope that you are enjoying Spring and also that your knitting and making are bringing you joy. Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Episode 47: Happy Spring!

Hello Dear Knitters! Thank you for joining us for our 47th podcast. Today, Kim and Marcy are in the classroom and we will share all of our FO's, WIP's and new CO's. We've also got some Uber Craftiness and so much more! Grab your knitting, a snack and a soothing/bracing beverage and enjoy the show.

Episode 47 Audio

Marcy is wearing her FO: The Secret Garden Shawl by
Alana Dakos and Kim is wearing her mystery knit along
Shawl by Alana from 2016, the Four Seasons shawl, also
by Alana Dakos. Sister shawls!

Post recording sillinesss!

In our Lesson Plan

  • On the PA System
  • After the finish line
  • Show & Tell
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  1. Marcy went down a fun rabbit hole researching yarn bombing. She saw some amazing fiber graffiti in Santa Rosa, California and learned that there are a few Bay Area cities that host a Tree Sweater Forest yarn bombing event. Andie Rosendin is an artist that is heavily involved in this colorful art form. 
Is it Graffiti or yarn bombing?
  1. She also discovered that Winterstations Toronto is hosting their 4th art exhibit in an effort to draw people to the beaches in the Winter. They utilize the lifeguard stands and this year there was an amazing large pussy hat exhibit by artists Martin Miller and Mo Zheng. 
  2. Kim was having issues with her messages on Ravelry. She would check a message and then click off to get some information, etc... and when she tried to find the message it was gone... : ( After a month or so of this frustration, she discovered that she'd inadvertently turned on the 'delete messages after reading' feature. If you're having issues with your messages check your settings.
    The Pussy Hat art installation at Winterstation

After the Finish Line

Marcy was finally able to wear her P-Rex by Susanne Sommer. However, there is a small howler; the i-cord bind off on the sleeve is a little bit tight and she's planning on taking it out and adding a few extra stitches and re doing it. You can hear more about this cape in episode 38.

Marcy stated that her ALL TIME favorite knitting item- that's a big statement! Is her  gorgeous City Cape by Purl Soho. This is a free pattern and you can hear more about this cape in ep. 20.

Marcy in her Green Gabby!
In episode 19 you can hear all about the beautiful Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry. At the end of knitting this shawl Marcy was very excited to finish and she forgot to add in the 3 buttonholes that are in the pattern. She has ripped those rows out and added the buttonholes in and now she's able to style this lovely shawl. 

The Gabrielle pullover by Leila Raabe was one of the many knitted items that Marcy finished while she was recuperating from knee surgery. She is very happy with the finished worsted weight sweater ... but... she's not completely happy with the sleeves. She is planning on ripping them out and re- knitting them with a few more stitches. 

Kim was down in the Southern California desert for a week and she wore several of her linen tops: the Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard and the Cullum Tee by Isabel Kraemer. She has also worn her Caitlin Hunter sweaters: The Ninilchik, Sunset Highway and Zweig. Even though it was a slog-along to knit, Kim's P-Rex is always a regular in her weekly wardrobe rotation. She wears her knitted socks everyday and she washed, re-blocked and wore her Veronika by Cocoknits. 

Show & Tell

Marcy has finished her Secret Garden shawl by Alana Dakos. She used Dream in Color Jilly yarn and it's a soft and beautiful shawl. She is also almost done with her Chaleur  by Julie Hoover. In our next podcast we are certain that she will be wearing this amazing sweater knit with Habu yarn. Marcy is also almost done with her 2nd Olympia sock which is a kit from Jimmy Beans Wool.
Kim's finished Little Bird sweater.

Kim has two FO's and is very excited about that! She has finished her Little Bird top by Veera Valimaki. This lace weight sweater is tunic length and has lace panels and it's a perfect weight for their climate. 

She has also cast off her Waiting for Rain shawl by Sylvia McFadden that she cast on in 2016. She went off pattern for this beautiful shawl and she's hoping that she'll be happy with the blocked FO. She may have to pick up and add on a lace border or an applied I-cord. 

Kim is continuing to work on her Lissycasy Cables pullover sweater by Kate Heppell. She really wants to finish this before the weather gets too hot! She has also worked on her Hermione's Everyday socks and they should be done by ep. 48. 

Kim's philosophy regarding casting on new items is that when she has that cast on-itis energy to go with it! So, since she finished a sweater and felt like casting on, she CO the gorgeous short sleeve Tegna pullover top by Caitlin Hunter. She is using her hand dyed yarn which she dyed a golden yellow color and she's really enjoying the lace motif along the edge of this bottom up top.

We are Uber Crafty

Marcy has been sewing. She found a super cute top from Violette Field Threads called 'Amelia Baby Top'. This was her 1st downloadable online sewing pattern and she's happy with the experience. She ended up sewing 3 tops; one for her daughter Pippa and two for friend's babies.

Pippa showing off Isla's top.
Pippa and her friend Eve showing off there tops.
Marcy also made the most amazing baby gift for her friend Brooke's baby boy. She designed a fabric and uploaded it to the site Spoonflower and then she sewed some baby blankets with the gauze fabric. So cute and SO thoughtful!
The fabric design Marcy made for her friend Brooke's new baby boy.

Kim has been doing some spinning, but isn't finished with another skein yet. Most importantly, she did FINALLY finish organizing and thoroughly cleaning her knitting studio and she's really happy with the result. Spring cleaning? 

What's on our Black Board? 

In our next podcast, we will share a field trip experience with you. We will also talk about any FO's that we have. 

Thank you for listening! We appreciate each and every one of you! We hope that you're having an amazing time with your knitting and making and we look forward to hearing from you. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Episode 46: 3rd Podiversary and Stitches West

Hello dear Knitters, welcome to ep. 46 and our 3rd anniversary of podcasting! Both Kim AND Marcy did end up going to Stitches West and we will share our fun experience with you today as well as our current WIP's. The amazingly talented designer Alana Dakos features prominently this time. So, grab a soothing/bracing beverage, your knitting and get comfy while you enjoy the podcast.

Episode 46 Audio

Marcy & Kim are holding up their purple tops
they have been working on. 
Marcy's is her Chaleur, Kim's is her Little Bird

In our Lesson Plan

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the Finish Line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. Stitches West Fieldtrip
  5. We are Uber Crafty 
  6. What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  • Kim was having difficulty on Instagram; she wasn't able to 'swipe up' on the stories or to view multiple pictures on the feed. She spent the night at her cousin Denise's during Stitches and her Denise had the idea of deleting the Instagram app and then re-installing it. Et voila! Success! If you're having any issues like this, you can try this too and hopefully it will help to enhance your IG experience as it did Kim's.

  • More IG news, Kim is going to be playing around with posting  more stories. It'll be a learning curve, but that's OK! I hope you can watch them and that you enjoy.

After the Finish Line

Marcy & her husband Mike beer tasting.
Marcy wore her favorite hat, the Spring Cloche by Alana Dakos. She also wore her Cancun Boxy Lace Top by Erin Kate Archer. One of the motivators for Marcy and her Mom and baby Pippa to go to Stitches West was to wear and share their Autumn's End sweaters; how cool is that? Three generations wearing the same beautiful sweater Autumns End by Alana Dakos. They were able to show Alana and it made her day. You can see Marcy's sweater here, and her Mom's here, and Pippa's here

Kim wore her Twigs and Willows cardigan by...wait for it...Alana Dakos! At Stitches she wore her Zweig pullover and her P- Rex cape. She wears hand knit socks everyday. During recording she was wearing (and loving!) her oh so soft Sunset Highway and her Find Your Fade shawl
Marcy and her mom Terry
and her baby Pippa wearing there
 beautiful Autumns End sweaters

Show & Tell

Marcy is continuing to work on her Chaleur sweater by Julie Hoover. She is using 2 gorgeous Habu yarns, and is enjoying them. Sadly, she had a major HOWLER and had to spend many hours tinking back and re knitting. She is back on track now and is looking forward to finishing and wearing this lovely garment. Guess who designed the Secret Garden shawl that Marcy is working on? You got it, Alana Dakos! She is moving along nicely and really enjoying the botanical elements that Alana is famous for.  Marcy has finished 1 sock from her Olympia Sock Kit by Lara Smoot. She purchased this from Jimmy Bean's Wool and knit on the sock while watching the 2018 Winter Olympics.

She also finished her gift knitting for her friend Gayle, she made a series of St. Patrick Day gifts for them.  She made two St. Patty's Day beer cozies, one 6 month hat with a beard, and one toddler hat with hair.

Pippa inspecting Marcy's Olympic sock.
Harrisson showing off his new beard!

Kim ia continuing to work on her lace weight Little Bird pullover sweater by Veera Valimaki and it seems to be going slowly (maybe because it's lace weight?!?) A wonderful balance to that sweater is her Lissycasey cabled sweater by Kate Heppell. She had a HOWLER and had to fix a cable that was turned incorrectly. She is looking forward to finishing both of these and casting on something new. 

***We mention the wonderful Craftsy class by Ann Budd, "Saving our Stitches:Fixing Knitting Mistakes."
***Alana Dakos had an audio knitting podcast that she is no longer producing; however, you can still listen to and enjoy it!

Stitches West

In our last episode Marcy had said that she 100% was not going to attend SW and Kim was very unsure too. Happily, both were able to go and we were able to hang out together for awhile too.

Resting at Stitches West, look at all that loot in the stroller! Where is Pippa?

One sample Marcy loved called Camaro.
Since Marcy didn't have any lead time before Stitches, she didn't have a shopping list. She decided to focus on patterns and only purchased two sweater set ups: 1) From Forbidden Fiber Co. she bought Proverbs yarn, which is a linen/cotton blend. She is planning on knitting the Driftwood Tee by Mercedes Tarasovich.  2) She fell in love with the Dan Doh booth and bought DanDoh Yarn Cotton Fine and the book Modern Deco by Yumiko Alexander. Marcy is going to knit the Wavelets Sleeveless Tee.  Marcy spent the rest of her time looking at, trying on and photographing designs that she'd like to knit. She made a bundle of all of these on her Ravelry page.

Kim was able to make it to SW for a day and a half. She always enjoys seeing knitting friends there and this year was no different! Knitters are the best! Kim did come home with some beautiful yarn and fiber and will share it all when she knits and spins with it. She really enjoyed trying on the samples in Elizabeth Doherty's booth, Blue Bee Studios. She would like to knit the Archer, Meris, Floriston, and  Point Reyes sweaters. Both KnitPicks and Craftsy were at SW for the 1st time.
Kim's SW yarn haul...
Must Knit Faster!
Kim's SW fiber haul

Did Kim NEED another project bag? Probably not, but how does
one resist this beauty from Busy Bee Studios?

***Podcasters that Kim saw and/or mentioned: Yarniacs, 2Knit LitChicks, The Grocery Girls and the new Grumpy Bagel video podcast, it was so nice to meet you Megan!

We are Uber Crafty

Kim has been continuing to spin on her sweater spins and hopes to be finished soon.

What's on our Black Board?

In episode 47 Marcy and Kim will share all of their FO's, Wip's and new cast ons. I'm certain that at least one of us will be knitting with Stitches yarn! 

Thank you for joining us! We hope you are enjoying your knitting/making and we look forward to spending time with you again in a few weeks.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Episode 45: So many projects!!!

Hello knitters and welcome to episode 45. In this in the classroom podcast Marcy and Kim share all of their new cast ons, wip's and fo's. Grab your knitting,  a soothing beverage, get comfortable, pause the Olympics and join us!

Marcy is holding up her Secret Garden shawl and Kim is wearing
her P-Rex and holding her Little Bird sweater.

Having fun after recording

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA System
  • After the finish line
  • Show & Tell
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  1. Stitches West is February 21-25th in Santa Clara Ca. In addition, Stitches SoCal is a brand new Stitches event that will be in Pasadena, CA on November 1-4th in 2019. 
  2. On the Ravelry main page there was a blog post called, "2017 Superlatives," that was a really fun and interesting read.  
  3. There's still time to be a part of the Ravelry 2018 Project Challenge, you can read about it here and here

After the Finish Line

Marcy's baby, Pippa, wore her big brother's Cocteau sweater by Justine Turner. 

Kim has continued to wear all of her Caitlin Hunter knits: The Ninilchik, Sunset Highway and Zweig sweaters. She wears hand knit socks everyday. Her hubby was sick with the flu a few weeks ago and wore his Bankhead hat, which is a free pattern by Susie Gourlay. Kim has been wearing her P-Rex cape and using her handspun granny stripe crochet blanket . She hand washed 14 pairs of her hand knit socks and there are 2 that need new heels because they've worn through. Hopefully that'll be done by ep. 46 and she'll share how that went.

***Kim mentioned in the last episode that she won a prize from participating in a KAL with the Bakery Bears Podcast. Below are pictures of the adorable sock project bag from Sew Cosy Knits, (sadly, I can't find her shop; Ill keep searching and post it in our next show notes.) It's such a perfect bag for Kim because it's got 2 compartments for yarn and yarn guides so that you can easily knit 2 at a time socks!

Show & Tell

Kim finished her P-Rex by Susanne Sommer and she is very happy with the fo. She has two new sweater cast ons: The Lissycasy Cables pullover by Kate and Heppell and the Little Bird by Veera Valimaki. Kim was so happy to be able to use stash yarn for both projects. In addition, she pulled out her Hermione's Everyday Socks (free pattern on Ravelry,) by Erica Lueder. This is a cast on from March 2017, so it'll be great to get them finished and off the needles. 

Marcy has finished the Zip sweater by Cocoknits for baby Pippa. She made many mods and you can read about all of them on her project page. She has a new cast on, the Chaleur sweater by Julie Hoover and she is using some gorgeous Habu yarn. There've been some Howler-ish moments with this project involving a provisional cast on, but Marcy thinks that it's all back on track now. 
Marcy's Chaleur Sweater, you can see the two different yarns she is using in this top.
Marcy also cast on the gorgeous Secret Garden shawl by Alana Dakos and it's going really well and is beautiful. She has spent some time on her ZickZack scarf by Christy Kamm which was cast on in 2/2017.
Marcy's Secret Garden Shawl.
Marcy's lucky friend Gayle will receive some wonderful knitted gifts. Marcy made the Leprechaun Hat Beer Cozy by Alex from You Should Craft. She is also going to crochet the Sly fox Hat by Lisa Gutierrez. This cute pattern is free. Finally, she will knit the uber adorable Failynn fox Cowl by Heidi May. 
Pippa modeling the cute Leprechaun hat and beard, doesn't she look cute with a red beard!

Sadly, the Stranded Newsie hat by Kate Oakes had to be frogged because it was 6" too big. 

Finally, Marcy is planning a new project to cast on during the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. She'll be knitting the Olympia socks by Lara Smoot. This was a kit that she bought from Jimmy Bean's Wool. 
Winter Olympics Socks Marcy is working on.

We are Uber Crafty

Kim has started spinning on her sweaterspins again after a 2 month hiatus. She is setting a goal of creating project pages on Ravelry for the 2 remaining sweater spins that she has on her spinning wheels by the next podcast! She also set a goal of getting more FO pics on her project pages. 

What's on our Black Board?

In our next episode Marcy and Kim will share what they've been up to and... well, we don't know what else yet, but it'll be fun!

Thank you so much for joining us! We hope you have a fantastic few weeks and Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Episode 44: Paradise Fibers

Hello Knitters! Thank you for joining us for our 1st podcast of 2018. We have a field trip to share with you as well as some FO's and other interesting things that you don't want to miss! Grab your knitting, a warm beverage (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere,) put your feet up and enjoy the show.

Episode 44 Audio 

Marcy wearing her Gabrielle sweater and her new hat Arve and she is holding her Pippa doll she made. Kim is wearing her Zweig and holding her finished P-Rex and she is wearing a hat made by Marcy's mom Terry.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the Finish Line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. Fieldtrip Notes and an interview
  5. What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  • Kim revisited some of her 2018 goals and has chosen the word "Focus" for her word of the year. She has also joined the 'Happier' podcast with Gretchen Rubin in the  "18 for 2018' challenge. 
  • Kim won something! She is a patron of the Bakery Bear's video podcast and she entered the Fogg Along last year and she won a project bag. She is getting better about following through and actually posting her projects in the FO threads!
  • Marcy and Kim have both jumped on the Ravelry "Project Challenge" bandwagon. Take a look and see if you're interested;  this year long event really sounds like fun! (scroll back to 1/5/18.)
  • Marcy shared Jimmy Bean's Wool's fun Olympic Sock Along. Marcy has purchased the skein of yarn and it is gorgeous! The pattern is Olympia by Laura Smoot. What a fun way to knit along with the Winter Olympics! 
  • Stitches West is February 22-25th in Santa Clara, CA.  Marcy has decided not to attend this year because she will still be recovering and healing from her knee surgery. As usual, Kim is waffling about whether or not she will be going!

After the Finish Line

Marcy has added length to Wilson's Monster pants and now he'll be able to continue wearing and enjoying them. You can hear more about the pants in ep. 24. Marcy was unable to attend the Women's March in Sacramento due to her knee, but she wore her pussyhat at home and is hoping to attend next year's march. You can hear more about the march from 2017 in ep. 24. Wilson has continued to love his Sock Monkey that Marcy made for him. You can hear more about that in ep. 14. 

Kim has been wearing all of her Caitlin Hunter sweaters and LOVING them! They were a joy to knit and are wonderful to wear. The Ninilchik, Sunset Highway and Zweig. She wore her Freestyle hand dyed, handspun shawl while on vacation in Mexico. She traveled in her 1st Whisper's Tee and she has been wearing hand knit socks everyday. 

Show & Tell

Marcy's mom wearing Gabrielle.
Even though it's been less than fun at Marcy's house the past 5 weeks (she's been recovering from her knee surgery and everyone but Marcy has been ill with the flu,) she has had a lot of knitting time! Marcy has finished the Gabrielle pullover by Leila Raabe.  She made a few mods and they are all listed on her project page. She used KnitPick's Swish worsted in the Green Tea Heather color and it was a fast and fun knit and the FO is a gorgeous winter sweater. She did have a HOWLER and have to knit the front twice...oh howlers, how we love you! 
Marcy wearing her Arve hat.
Marcy also finished a beautiful color work hat, the Arve by Tanis Gray. You can buy this pretty all over color work hat as a kit from Barrett Wool Co, but Marcy chose to use Cascade 220 super wash. She also finished one of the cutest stuffies that I've ever seen: The Pippa Doll by Lousie Crowler. This is from the book My Knitted Doll that Marcy bought while we were on a Lys field trip in Winters, CA at Cloth Carousel.

Pippa Doll that Marcy made.
Kim shared her last FO of 2017, the Zweig pullover by Caitlin Hunter. This was such a delightful sweater to knit and she has been wearing it a lot. She also FINALLY finished her P-Rex cape by Sosu. This was a slog...but she knows that she's going to love and wear the FO frequently! Kim is excited to swatch and move on to some new projects. She is planning on knitting 2-3 more warmer sweaters before transitioning to warmer weather short tees and tops. 

Field Trip Notes and an Interview

While visiting family for Thanksgiving in Washington state, Marcy was able to squeeze in a visit to the beautiful Lys, Paradise Fibers in Spokane, WA. This store is so much more than a yarn shop! In their large retail space they have: yarn, fiber, spinning wheels, looms, and all of the tools and equipment that you'll need to support all of these fiber pursuits. One of the most amazing aspects is that Bill Romine, the owner of Paradise fibers, has also designed and produces the Revoulution spinning wheel and other fiber tools! Enjoy the interview and don't forget to check out their website.
The historic building that Paradise Fibers is located in.

The area in the shop where all the yarn is located.

Mezzanine where all the fibber and weaving is located.
Wood Shop in the basement where they make the spinning wheels and combs.
The Revolution Spinning wheel shown with Bill holding up two different bobbins and how it easily accommodates both sizes.

What's on our Black Board?

In podcast 45, Marcy and Kim will share all of their wip's, fo's and any new co's. Hopefully, Kim will have some spinning to talk about and I'm certain that there will be more! 

Thank you for listening and Happy Knitting!