Saturday, January 19, 2019

Episode 64:Happy New Year and New Goals for 2019

Hello knitters, Happy New Year and welcome to our 64th podcast! Today, Marcy and Kim will share their current finished objects, works in progress, new cast ons AND goals for 2019. Grab your knitting, a soothing beverage and join us.

Episode 64 Audio

Marcy is showing off her Honey Shawl she is working on,
and Kim is sporting her Mobius Hat and her Ravello.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the Finish Line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. 2019 Goals
  5. What's on our Blackboard?

On the PA System

  • Stitches West, which is held at the convention center in Santa Clara, CA  will be held on February 21-24. Marcy and Kim should both be there and are looking forward to seeing you and meeting you if you're there too.
  • Sadly, two stores in the knitting community are closing. Alana Dakos, who is Nevernotknitting on Ravelry and is a talented knitwear designer, has had a brick and mortar storefront, Nevernotknitting, for about 6 years and she is closing her doors. Her online shop will remain open. Also, the beloved Chicken Boots project bags will no longer be available after February/March. Happily, the owner is transitioning into a new sewing platform that she loves. 
  • Kim is a member of the Sacramento Weaving and Spinning Guild and she is chairing their Open House which will be held at the Shepard Garden & Art Center in Sacramento on February 9th & 10th from 10:00-4:00. This is a free event, come and join us!
    Here is the marketing postcard and all of the
    information for the Sacramento weaving and
    spinning guild's Open House.

After the Finish Line

Marcy has been wearing:
  • Her True sweater by Joji Locatelli.
  • Her Wool and Honey pullover by Andrea Mowry.
  • Her Confetti pullover by Veera Valimaki.
  • Her Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer.
Kim has been wearing:
  • Her Ninilchik Swoncho by Caitlin Hunter.
  • Her Sunset Highway pullover by Caitlin Hunter.
  • Her Zweig pullover by Caitlin Hunter.
  • Handknit socks...everyday!
  • Her Mobius hat by Cat Bordhi.

Show & Tell

Marcy has finished her Tecumseh color work pullover by Caitlin Hunter! She has made some mods and they are all on her project page.This sweater looks beautiful and Marcy really enjoyed knitting with Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold for the 1st time.  She is continuing to work on her Just Like Honey shawl by Lesley Anne Robinson and this brioche wrap is gorgeous. She has finished her #12 Collared Cardigan by Sharon Sorken. She loves the fit and is happy to have this sweater off her needles! The color and style are so cute and flattering she has been closing it with Jul design closures which are perfect for an open cardigan like this.
Marcy showing off her Tecumseh!
Kim has mainly been working on her Ravello pullover by Isabell Kraemer. She finished her Christmas Tercero socks that she knit from one of her hand dyed sock blanks. She lost steam on both of her Advent projects and hasn't made much progress on them...but they will be finished by the end of February! 1) The Dust of Snow shawl by Helen Stewart and 2) The mystery MKAL from Forbidden Fiber co. She is figuring out vacation knitting!
Marcy is wearing her #12 Collared Cardigan with a Jul design closure,
and Kim is showing off her Ravello!

2019 Goals

Kim and Marcy have both set knitting goals for 2019.

Here are Marcy's goals:
  1. To knit 25 projects in 2019.
  2. To knit at least 10 projects from her queue.
  3. To knit another brioche project.
  4. To knit another color work project.
  5. To knit more projects from stash than from newly purchased yarn.
  6. To knit a project for her son.
  7. To knit a skirt! We are thinking about a possible 'skirt along' for March.
Here are Kim's goals:
  1. To complete a finish or frog it February.
  2. To knit more from stash--3 out of 5 projects from stashed yarn; and track it!
  3. To knit 10 sweaters...and track it!
  4. To try a new: bind off, cast on and new stitch pattern. 
  5. To knit a skirt.
  6. To knit at least one pair of non vanilla socks. 
  7. To steek a sweater. 
***We mentioned the Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin and the '19 for 2019' hashtag on Instagram.

What's on our Blackboard?

In our next episode we will have an in the classroom episode where we share what we are working on...and maybe a surprise or two?

Thank you for joining us! We hope that you are having a wonderful and creative time with your knitting and making and we will see you again in a few weeks! Happy knitting.

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