Thursday, January 3, 2019

Episode 63: 2018 Wrap Up

Welcome to episode 63 Knitters! Thank you for joining us today. Kim and Marcy will share their current fo's and wip's, exchange Christmas presents and revisit their 2018 goals to see how they fared. Grab some knitting, a bracing beverage and pull out your yearly goals (if you made any,) and join us.

Marcy is holding the beautiful sock blank Kim gave her
and is wearing her Weekender, Kim is holding her lovely Xmas
sock blank she died and is wearing her Gingerbread Christmas sweater.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA system
  2. After the finish line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. 2018 wrap up 

On the PA System

Marcy reminds us that Stitches West knitting expo is approaching very quickly. This fun event is held at the convention center in Santa Clara from 2/21-2/24.

After the Finish Line

Kim has been wearing:
  1. Her Gingerbread Christmas handspun sweater,
  2. lots of hand knit socks, and
  3. Her Twigs and Willows cardigan. Here's the button band tutorial.
Marcy has been wearing:
  1. Her Ramble shawl,
  2. Her newly finished Weekender pullover and
  3. Her Reflected Lines cardigan.

Christmas Presents!

We always have fun exchanging birthday and Christmas presents with each other! Kim hand painted/dyed a sock blank for Marcy. The bare sock blank is from KnitPicks and was very fun to dye.
Marcy's Christmas present- a hand dyed sock blank.

Marcy gave Kim some beautiful sweater and shawl closures from Jul and Kim is so excited to use them along with an adorable project bag. 

Show & Tell

Kim has cast on her 3rd sock blank that she dyed (tercero,) and she is knitting a pair of Christmas socks. She is continuing to work on her Dust of Snow wrap by Helen Stewart. She is using minis from the KnitStyle yarn mini advent set. She has put her second advent project aside until she finishes the Dust of Snow, but she's very excited to continue working on her shawl Mkal that accompanied her advent package from Forbidden Fiber Co. The minis are DK weight and they're beautiful. 
Kim's 3rd sock blank- the Christmas edition.

The Ravello pullover by Isabel Kraemer has been a delight to work on and Kim is looking forward to finishing  and wearing it. She has completed her 1st sock blank socks and they're beautiful!

Marcy has finished her gorgeous Project Peace 2018 Mkal Cowl by Christina Campbell. This was a very enjoyable and relaxing knit and KAL. The blog posts written by Christina were inspiring and well composed. 

Marcy has caught the Caitlin Hunter fever and has cast on the Tecumseh pullover sweater and she is using silky wool. She is enjoying working on this color work sweater.
Marcy's Tecumseh swancho.

2018 Wrap Up

Well, it's that time of year again! Kim and Marcy are going to revisit the goals that they set last January and see how they did. 

Kim's Knitting goals:
  1. Write and publish the knitting designs that I started in 2017. (Well, she did get a tech editor and design something else, but nothing has been published.) NO
  2. Continue to explore color work knitting. (She really only knit on her Damejakka Loppa cardigan a little bit this year...but it's color work, so it counts!) YES
  3. To explore brioche lace and cables. (She is currently knitting the Rose Gold brioche shawl by Andrea Mowry.) YES
  4. To study sheep breeds, spinning and yarn structure and usage. (Yes, she did that and bought and washed a fleece too! More of that to come in 2019!) YES
Kim's 2018 knitting round up:
  • 9 garments
  • 1 Blanket
  • 10 baby hats
  • 6 socks
  • 1 shawl
  • 5 woven  shawls
Marcy's Knitting goals:
  1. To knit 20 projects. (She ended up knitting 28, so she crushed that goals!) YES
  2. To knit at least 5 projects from her queue. (She knit 6 projects.) YES
  3. Do another brioche project. (She knit the Ramble shawl.) YES
  4. Do a pair of socks. YES
  5. Knit more projects from stash than from newly purchased yarn. Mas o menos!
Marcy's 2018 knitting round up:
  • 12 sweaters
  • 2.5 large shawls
  • 8 smaller projects: hats, dolls & socks and
  • 4 sweaters for Pippa

What's on our Black Board?

In our 1st podcast of 2019, Marcy and Kim will share their new goals for the year along with everything that they've been working on.

We hope that you've all had a beautiful Holiday season and we wish you a healthy and happy New Year! Happy knitting.

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