Monday, February 18, 2019

Episode 66: 3rd Podiversary Celebration!

Hello dear knitters and welcome to our 66th episode and our 3rd podiversary! Today, Marcy and Kim pop open a bottle of champagne and share what they've been making and also list their favorites from this year.  Spoiler alert, Andrea Mowry and Caitlin Hunter are mentioned about 100 times! Grab your knitting, a glass of something bubbly or fizzy (or just nice and warm!) and join us!

Episode 66 Audio

Marcy is holding up her Zweig & Kim has her frankensocks
and the advent shawl from Forbidden Fiber Co.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the Finish Line
  3. 3rd Podiversary favorites
  4. Show & Tell (including FOFIF)
  5. What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  • Kim talked about her Spinning and Weaving Guild's Open House that she chaired last weekend. It was a great event and the Sacramento Weaving & Spnning Guild is a wonderful group of  talented people. She displayed several of her hand spun, hand knit items, hand spun skeins of yarn and a woven scarf. 
  • Kim stumbled upon some fun Ravelry facts: there are 8,376,501 registered users and 1,014,821 makers have been active on the site during the last 30 days.
  • Stitches West is next weekend, February 22-24, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Both Marcy and Kim will be there and they hope to see/meet you if you're there too! If you see us, please say hi!

After the Finish Line

Kim wore:
Marcy wore:

Our 3rd Podiversary Favorites

  1. Favorite pattern: Marcy = Wool and Honey pullover by Andrea Mowry. Kim = Tegna by Caitlin Hunter and Gilead by Leila Raabe.
  2. Favorite yarn: Marcy= Spincycle dyed in the wool. Kim= any of her hand dyed or hand spun yarns.
  3. Favorite new tool: both agree that it's the Gleener!
  4. Favorite Episode: Marcy=Episode 53 & Kim =episode 56.
  5. Favorite designer: Marcy = Andrea Mowry & Kim = Caitlin Hunter.
  6. Favorite knitting event: Marcy=Stitches SoCal and Kim= Stitches West.
Marcy & Kim saying Cheers to 3 Years of Podcasting together!
Marcy is wearing her Reflected Lines cardigan, and Kim
has on her new FO marled pullover.
***Kim mentions that her favorite retreat was a Knit For Fun retreat with Ann Budd.

Show & Tell

Kim is doing a FOFIF (Finish or Frog it February,) and she's really enjoying it. She made a project page for it on Ravelry and it has been very rewarding to finish things from her pile of wip's (17!!!).  So far, she has finished her faded and marled pullover, a baby blanket and a pair of shorty frankensocks. She is actively working on her Lissycasey cabled sweater and her Advent Mkal shawl. 

She has decided to continue the FOFIF into March, so stay tuned for more news about her progress in the next couple of eps. Kim also finished her Ravello pullover since the last podcast. 

Marcy finished her Just Like Honey shawl and she loves it and is wearing it a lot. She is now knitting monogamously on her Zweig pullover by Caitlin Hunter. She got her color inspiration from Andrea of the Fruity Knitting video podcast. 
Marcy is knitting on her Zweig and is wearing her After the Rain
sweater and she has her Ramble shawl around her neck.

We are Uber Crafty

One of Kim's FOFIF projects that she wants to finish is her Rose Gold shawl by Andrea Mowry. She is using a skein of her handspun  yarn and a set of gradient minis.  She ran out of her handspun, so she spun a skein using some natural white fiber and she'll dye it and then carry on and finish this beautiful brioche shawl.

What's on our Blackboard?

Kim and Marcy plan on recording at SW and Marcy's mom and friend Brooke will be there too and hopefully join in! It'll be a fun Stitches podcast party. 

Thank you for joining us! We hope that your knitting and making are going well and we'll 'see' you again in a few weeks. Happy knitting!

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