Friday, December 11, 2015

D2K Episode 1 - Testing, testing Getting to Know Marcy

Hello there my precious knitters! Welcome to our humble blog-abode. Please grab your knitting, a soothing beverage, and settle in for a lovely hour of listening to our podcast, "Destined2knit." This is our first episode and we hope that you'll enjoy getting to know Marcy a little bit better.

Episode 1 Audio

Welcome to our first episode where I (Kim,) interview Marcy in order for you to get to know us and for us to get to know each other even better. Enjoy!

As we discuss podcasting we mention one of our favorite podcasts,  The Yarniacs. We are both excited to be attending Stitches West in February.

What's on our Lesson Plan today:

We discuss our goals for podcasting. We are going to focus on LYS's and knitting festivals, groups, guilds and conventions where knitters gather for fun and fiber-y goodness. We will be visiting these venues and interviewing knitters and other exciting and talented people in the knitting world!  Our blog will have a spreadsheet that lists all of our reviews for the local yarn shops that we visit. Come back often  and have a look at our LYS list as you travel and are out and about on your field trips .

How did we meet? At Got Your Goat our local yarn shop.
Ravelry inventors: Casey & Jessica - For more info on how they started Ravelry click here.

Marcy's Interview:

  • When did you learn to knit and how? Started to Crochet in 2002, 2004 Knitting
  • What was your first project? Scarf for a friend
  • Process or Product Knitter? Maybe a little of both, leaning towards the Process
  • Do you Pick or Throw? I am a picker also known as Continental Knitter
  • Favorite Fiber or blend to knit with? Unusual fiber content like Habu Paper yarn
  • Favorite weight of yarn? Fingering 
  • Most Proud of project: Summer Affair
  • What do I normally Knit? I mostly knit Sweaters
  • Do I belong do a knitting group? I am a part of about 3 groups at my local yarn shop.
  • How important is Ravelry and how do I use it? I use Ravelry a lot, I have my stash up, my needles listed, Library, my projects listed, and I love to use my queue and favorites. Destined2Knit Group.
  • What retreats or Fiber Fests have I attended? Stitches West, Lambtown Festival. 
  • What size is my yarn stash? I would say it's medium to large stash, I have a attendance to collect more yarn than I have time to use it.  
  • New technique or stitch that I want to learn? Steeking
  • Who are my Knitting Rock Stars? Julie Weisenberger Cocoknits, Habu, Alana Dakos  Never Not Knitting
  • What are my other craft/hobbies? I sew, I love beading, I crochet, and I have a drop spindle but haven't taken the time to actually accomplish the task. I used to paint and I am a Landscape Architect as my full time job.
Kim talks about the Strungalong Retreat that she attended last November and mentions the technology class that she took with Debbi Stone.

What's on our Blackboard:

In our next episode we will be interviewing Kim and getting to know her better, we will also be working through our pod casting learning curve.  So please be patient with us as we figure out our rhythm and abilities as we work on getting our feet under us.

Thank you for joining us for our very first episode! We'll be posting new episodes every two weeks. Please come back and listen again. All of our contact information is listed above in the "contact us' tab, we'd love to hear from you via email, on our Ravelry group or on the blog.

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