Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Episode 22: 2017 Goals and Yarn Del Sol

Welcome to episode 22! It's a new year and we've got fiber related goals, show and tell, field trip notes and we've been uber crafty. Grab your knitting, a soothing beverage and join us.

Episode 22 Audio

Marcy is holding her City Cape
and Kim is holding her swatch
for her #legacysweaterspin
Post recording silliness!

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • Administrati
  • 2017 Goals
  • Show and Tell
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • Fieldtrip notes: Marcy visits Yarn Del Sol, an LYS in Southern California
Marcy and her cute baby bump at 22 weeks. 


Our FOFI KAL is done and we have a winner... Snapplejax! Congratulations and thanks for participating. Get in touch with Kim (Destined2knit on Ravelry) via a Ravelry pm and let her know what pattern you'd like and we'll gift it to you. 

2017 Goals

Marcy has set four fiber goals for 2017:
  1. She wants to knit 5 of the 50 projects that are in her Ravelry queue. 
  2. She intends to knit the Monster pants for Wilson. This will be her next project.
  3. She wants to knit 12 projects in 2017.
  4.  Marcy has decided to go on a stash down in 2017 and she is only going to buy yarn for herself  at Stitches West in February. Good luck Marcy!
Kim has set a few goals: 

  1. She intends to keep a Dyer's Notebook for dyeing yarn.
  2. She wants to keep a Spinner's Notebook for spinning.
  3. She wants to finish spinning the fiber for the #legacysweaterspin and then knit a sweater with the yarn.
  4. She intends to knit 7 sweaters.
  5. She wants to continue to explore brioche knitting; specifically increases, decreases and cabling.
  6. She wants to participate in Instagram's #scamper200.
  7. She intends to read 50 books in 2017.
  8. She wants to complete the Yoga Revolution with "Yoga with Adriene" on You Tube. 

Show and Tell

Marcy is working on her Snow White Cape. This is the City Cape by Purl Soho. She is using Misti Alpaca Maki yarn in the natural color way. 

Kim has finished her Solstice Socks. She still has the Whisper's sweater on the needles. She cast on the popular Find Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry.  She has cast on a new pair of vanilla socks using some gorgeous yarn that Marcy gave her for her birthday. 

We are Uber Crafty

Marcy and her husband have been painting and re organizing two rooms in their home to prepare for their new baby.

Kim has been spinning almost every day recently for the #legacysweaterspin. This is a dye/spin/knit a sweater along on Instagram and Ravelry. Andi of the Andresueknits video podcast and Sue from the Legacyknitz video podcast have teamed up to co host  #legacysweaterspin. Here is Kim's project page.
A finished bobbin of Kim's 2 ply yarn that she is spinning
for the #legacysweaterspin.

Fieldtrip Notes

Marcy had the opportunity to go on a field trip while away on a vacation for Thanksgiving. She was able to visit Yarn Del Sol in Mission Viejo, California. She sat down with Rosemary, the owner of this beautiful LYS,  and talked with her about this busy, gorgeous shop. Yarn Del Sol is able to help customers with and teach knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving. They host a book club, yarn tastings, classes, workshops, a yarn club, and getaways. Rosemary likes to feature as many California yarns as possible in her shop. You can find out more information about Yarn Del Sol here on their website and follow them on all of the social media sites. 

Walking in the door you see a gathering
area that they call the living room.
Walk around the corner and you see the
the middle section has two large tables,
for classes and gathering.

What's on our Black Board?

Marcy and Kim are both attending Stitches West the end of February (23-26) in Santa Clara, California. They'll be attending the podcaster meet up on Saturday in the bar/lobby area. If you see us, please come and say hi, we'd love to meet you! 

In episode 23 we'll  have an in the classroom episode. We'll be sharing all of our fiber fun with you. Please join us!

Thank you for joining us today! We hope that you have a howler free few weeks and we wish you and your's a Happy 2017!

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