Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 38: Cloth Carousel and Lambtown Fieldtrips

Welcome to ep. 38 Knitters! We have a fun field trip podcast today for your listening pleasure. We revisited the 1st LYS (Cloth Carousel in Winters, CA,) that we went to 2 years ago on the day that we decided to start our podcast and we also went to a local fiber festival; Lambtown in Dixon, CA. In addition, we share our progress on our informal P-Rex- along and we have a special philanthropic crochet CAL that we are excited to tell you about. Grab your knitting, a soothing or bracing beverage, get comfortable and join us!

***Thanks to our LYS, Got Your Goat in Roseville, CA for allowing us to record there again! It's always a fun and lively time there and you may hear a little ambient noise.

Episode 38 Audio

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA System
  • Show and Tell 
  • Field trip notes and interview from Cloth Carousel in Winters, CA
  • Field trip notes from LambTown in Dixon, CA
  • What's on our Black Board?
Pippa, Marcy, Diane, and Kim

Pippa, Marcy and Adina at the Cloth Carousel

On the PA System

Octopus for a Preemie
  1. We wanted to remind everyone to take a look at the main page on Ravelry each week. They highlight a new option or  knitting technique and it's always interesting and educational. 
  2. Marcy shared a really special philanthropic crochet project: "Octopus for a Preemie." This is a free pattern on Ravelry and was designed to help premature babies in the NICU. The crocheted arms remind babies of the umbilical cord and help them to feel safer. In addition, the babies are able to grab and hold onto the tentacles instead of any tubes or cables that are in their bassinet.  We've decided to hold a CAL for this worthy project and we have a forum on our Ravelry group page.  Our LYS, Got Your Goat, has offered to be a receiving point for the Octopus (octopi?!) and  then Marcy will deliver them to the NICU's in our area. We hope that you'll join in on this easy and fast crochet project that will comfort a baby in distress. (Make sure to read the section below in Show & Tell about the octopus that Marcy made.)
Jacob with his Octopus, isn't he adorable,? It just melts my heart.

Show & Tell

Marcy and Kim are doing an informal P-Rex KAL. This cute cape/poncho/sweater garment has both brioche and garter stitch and was designed by Susanne Sommer. We are both really enjoying this addicting project and are looking forward to cooler weather so that we can wear and enjoy them.

A friend of Marcy's had a baby and sadly he was born with a medical issue that required surgery right away. She had learned about the Octopus for a Preemie project and decided to crochet one for him. Her friend quickly got back to Marcy and said that the nurses in the NICU were asking for more crocheted Octopus because it was comforting the baby so much and keeping him from grabbing any cables or cords. 

 ***There are specific instructions for making the Octopus, please read all about it on this website.***

Fieldtrip Notes- Cloth Carousel

Two years ago Kim and Marcy went on a day trip to Cloth Carousel in Winters, CA. There are actually two shops:  a quilt and a yarn shop  both owned by Adina. During the drive home 2 years ago we decided to start our knitting podcast. We thought it would be fun to revisit this beautiful LYS and interview them and share all of the wonderful yarn, needles, classes and fabric that they offer. 

Diane, the manager of the shop was kind enough to sit down and tell us all about the store. Kim and Marcy are both really impressed with their amazing needle and notions selection, gift items for any and all knitters and of course, beautiful yarn for your current knitting obsession. They also stock some fiber for spinning and felting and  embroidery materials. Cloth Carousel offers classes for all levels as well. This is definitely a LYS that is worth a visit and you'll love the small town of Winters, CA. While you're there you can walk across the street to the quilt shop and pick up some fabric for your next project. 

Please make sure to check out all of the information about Cloth Carousel on our Yarn Shop Evaluation page. Thank you to Adina and Diane for hosting us!
So many beautiful yarns to choose from!

Cloth Carousel
Pippa is just too cute, she had fun shopping!

Fieldtrip Notes- Lambtown

We also visited a local fiber festival in Dixon, CA, Lambtown. This is a great festival that offers yarn, lots of fiber, alpacas, llamas, sheep, sheep dog trials,  classes, demonstrations, great food, entertainment, beer and local booths of all sorts for old and young alike. Sadly, the day that we attended was very windy and we stayed indoors as much as possible, but we both found some beautiful items that we couldn't leave behind and we'll talk more about those stash acquisitions as we knit and spin with them.
Wilson and his cute felted slippers.

Pippa and her new cashmere hat.

Pippa joined us and was the hit of the festival! She was even gifted a beautiful lace knit bonnet from Bonnie Riley of Stitchsisterz! Bonnie had knit the hat for her granddaughter, but it was too small. Happily, it fit Pippa perfectly and looked adorable.

We all had fun wearing our knitwear and Marcy ran into her Cullum Tee twin! Carol, aka caliknitpurl on Ravelry, was wearing her  Cullum Tee and denim and they're both blond and they looked great in their knitted tops. 
Marcy and Carol, they are twins in their Cullum Tees!

What's on our Black Board?

Our next episode will be in the classroom and we'll update you on all of our FO's, WIP's, new CO's spinning, and uber craftiness. 

Thank you for joining us today! We hope that your knitting and making are filling you with joy and that you're having fun. Happy Knitting!

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