Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Episode 47: Happy Spring!

Hello Dear Knitters! Thank you for joining us for our 47th podcast. Today, Kim and Marcy are in the classroom and we will share all of our FO's, WIP's and new CO's. We've also got some Uber Craftiness and so much more! Grab your knitting, a snack and a soothing/bracing beverage and enjoy the show.

Episode 47 Audio

Marcy is wearing her FO: The Secret Garden Shawl by
Alana Dakos and Kim is wearing her mystery knit along
Shawl by Alana from 2016, the Four Seasons shawl, also
by Alana Dakos. Sister shawls!

Post recording sillinesss!

In our Lesson Plan

  • On the PA System
  • After the finish line
  • Show & Tell
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  1. Marcy went down a fun rabbit hole researching yarn bombing. She saw some amazing fiber graffiti in Santa Rosa, California and learned that there are a few Bay Area cities that host a Tree Sweater Forest yarn bombing event. Andie Rosendin is an artist that is heavily involved in this colorful art form. 
Is it Graffiti or yarn bombing?
  1. She also discovered that Winterstations Toronto is hosting their 4th art exhibit in an effort to draw people to the beaches in the Winter. They utilize the lifeguard stands and this year there was an amazing large pussy hat exhibit by artists Martin Miller and Mo Zheng. 
  2. Kim was having issues with her messages on Ravelry. She would check a message and then click off to get some information, etc... and when she tried to find the message it was gone... : ( After a month or so of this frustration, she discovered that she'd inadvertently turned on the 'delete messages after reading' feature. If you're having issues with your messages check your settings.
    The Pussy Hat art installation at Winterstation

After the Finish Line

Marcy was finally able to wear her P-Rex by Susanne Sommer. However, there is a small howler; the i-cord bind off on the sleeve is a little bit tight and she's planning on taking it out and adding a few extra stitches and re doing it. You can hear more about this cape in episode 38.

Marcy stated that her ALL TIME favorite knitting item- that's a big statement! Is her  gorgeous City Cape by Purl Soho. This is a free pattern and you can hear more about this cape in ep. 20.

Marcy in her Green Gabby!
In episode 19 you can hear all about the beautiful Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry. At the end of knitting this shawl Marcy was very excited to finish and she forgot to add in the 3 buttonholes that are in the pattern. She has ripped those rows out and added the buttonholes in and now she's able to style this lovely shawl. 

The Gabrielle pullover by Leila Raabe was one of the many knitted items that Marcy finished while she was recuperating from knee surgery. She is very happy with the finished worsted weight sweater ... but... she's not completely happy with the sleeves. She is planning on ripping them out and re- knitting them with a few more stitches. 

Kim was down in the Southern California desert for a week and she wore several of her linen tops: the Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard and the Cullum Tee by Isabel Kraemer. She has also worn her Caitlin Hunter sweaters: The Ninilchik, Sunset Highway and Zweig. Even though it was a slog-along to knit, Kim's P-Rex is always a regular in her weekly wardrobe rotation. She wears her knitted socks everyday and she washed, re-blocked and wore her Veronika by Cocoknits. 

Show & Tell

Marcy has finished her Secret Garden shawl by Alana Dakos. She used Dream in Color Jilly yarn and it's a soft and beautiful shawl. She is also almost done with her Chaleur  by Julie Hoover. In our next podcast we are certain that she will be wearing this amazing sweater knit with Habu yarn. Marcy is also almost done with her 2nd Olympia sock which is a kit from Jimmy Beans Wool.
Kim's finished Little Bird sweater.

Kim has two FO's and is very excited about that! She has finished her Little Bird top by Veera Valimaki. This lace weight sweater is tunic length and has lace panels and it's a perfect weight for their climate. 

She has also cast off her Waiting for Rain shawl by Sylvia McFadden that she cast on in 2016. She went off pattern for this beautiful shawl and she's hoping that she'll be happy with the blocked FO. She may have to pick up and add on a lace border or an applied I-cord. 

Kim is continuing to work on her Lissycasy Cables pullover sweater by Kate Heppell. She really wants to finish this before the weather gets too hot! She has also worked on her Hermione's Everyday socks and they should be done by ep. 48. 

Kim's philosophy regarding casting on new items is that when she has that cast on-itis energy to go with it! So, since she finished a sweater and felt like casting on, she CO the gorgeous short sleeve Tegna pullover top by Caitlin Hunter. She is using her hand dyed yarn which she dyed a golden yellow color and she's really enjoying the lace motif along the edge of this bottom up top.

We are Uber Crafty

Marcy has been sewing. She found a super cute top from Violette Field Threads called 'Amelia Baby Top'. This was her 1st downloadable online sewing pattern and she's happy with the experience. She ended up sewing 3 tops; one for her daughter Pippa and two for friend's babies.

Pippa showing off Isla's top.
Pippa and her friend Eve showing off there tops.
Marcy also made the most amazing baby gift for her friend Brooke's baby boy. She designed a fabric and uploaded it to the site Spoonflower and then she sewed some baby blankets with the gauze fabric. So cute and SO thoughtful!
The fabric design Marcy made for her friend Brooke's new baby boy.

Kim has been doing some spinning, but isn't finished with another skein yet. Most importantly, she did FINALLY finish organizing and thoroughly cleaning her knitting studio and she's really happy with the result. Spring cleaning? 

What's on our Black Board? 

In our next podcast, we will share a field trip experience with you. We will also talk about any FO's that we have. 

Thank you for listening! We appreciate each and every one of you! We hope that you're having an amazing time with your knitting and making and we look forward to hearing from you. Happy Knitting!

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