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Episode 31:Summer of Stripes CAL

Welcome to episode 31 everybody! Pippa joins us in the classroom today as we discuss all of our FO's (yay!) WIP's and knitting of the future. Grab your beautiful knitting, a soothing beverage, put your feet up and join us!

Episode 31 Audio

Marcy (wearing her Sakasama Jacket,) Pippa and Kim (wearing
her 1st So Faded sweater, having fun after recording.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA system
  • Show & Tell
  • Kim's Goals
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  1. The Destined2knit podcast is now officially participating in the "Summer Stripe Along CAL." The other participating podcasts are: AndersMill Knits Podcast, simply stash less podcast, Giddy Knits Podcast, and  Hudson Valley Knits. We have a Ravelry group for the CAL. The idea is to create stripes using knitting, crochet, sewing, spinning or weaving between June 1st-August 31st and there are some awesome prizes! Go ahead and start striping, posting and enjoying your making.
  2. Stash Dash 2017. This is a fun summer event that encourages you to knit, crochet, spin, weave, etc... in order to use up your stash. Read all about it here.
  3. Kim wants to encourage you to use your magazines. Take 15 minutes and sit down with a few  and reacquaint yourself with the patterns and articles that you already own. For example, Kim found these great items in a few of her Summer magazines: 
  • Interweave Knits, Summer 2007: the Oriel Lace Blouse by Shirley Paden; Josephine Top by Deborah Newton (particularly the short rows used to shape the cap sleeve.)
  • Interweave Knits, Summer 2010: Marigold Sweater by Amy Polcyn; and the Lace Saddle Tee by Lisa S. rowe.

Show & Tell

Marcy has finished her Sakasama Jacket by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. She used Habu Textiles N-35 Viscose Sizing and she's really happy with the FO! It looks great on her and  she knows that she'll get a ton of wear out of it. 
First direction you can wear this top.
First direction back view.

Second direction you can wear this top.
Second direction back view.

Marcy's Mom helped her to finish the Puff Daddy's Baby by Anna and Heidi Pickles. She used Bernat Collegiate Chunky yarn and a size US 13 needle. The FO is beautiful and she was able to take some amazing pics of Pippa on it!

Pippa showing off the poof.

Kim has decided that she wants to complete the 10K in Stash Dash (that means to knit or otherwise produce or use 10,000 meters of yarn,) and she's charging ahead in order to meet that goal by 8/20/17. She finished her So Faded sweater (731 meters,) by Andrea Mowry using 3 of her own hand dyed skeins. This is a fun, easy and fast knit and she made several mods that she's really happy with. Check out her project page to read all about them.
Kim wearing her finished Veronika sweater.

Kim also finished her Veronika sweater (1,005 meters,) by CocoKnits. She used Shibui Pebble yarn and she's really pleased with the FO.  The only mod that she made was to  change the rate at which she picked up the neckline on this sweater, she picked up fewer stitches because she wanted a tighter neckline.

Pippa's dress.
Marcy has two new CO's: 1) Her Cullum Tee by Isabel Kraemer and she is using Lindy Chain yarn from KnitPicks. Kim and Marcy are doing an informal KAL with this sweater, join us if you'd like! 

Marcy has also cast on the MOST adorable little dress by Taiga Hilliard for Pippa. It's the Marian Dress and she is using Hedgehog Fibres in the Fly color and it is beautiful!
Marcy is contemplating 2 new cast ons: 1) A Hint of Summer by Isabel Kraemer using some deep stash  (Claudia Hand Painted yarn) or, 2) Boxy by Joji Locatelli mixed with the Cancun Boxy Lace Top by  erin kate archer. The Raveler, pooki, has mixed the 2 patterns together for an amazing result! Knitters are so creative!

Kim has several WIP's: 1) Her 2nd So Faded sweater by Andrea Mowry (again!!! because she just couldn't resist another CO of this fast and cute pullover.) This time she is using 3 skeins of Mad Tosh Dandelion yarn, and 2) The Cullum Tee by Isabel Kraemer...although she did have a HOWLER due to laziness with this tee. Kim knew that she should use US3 needles, but was too lazy to go get them and she CO with a US 4 instead. Now, 2  hours into the project she has finally admitted that she needs to Riiiip it out and CO again with size 3's. Sigh. 3) Her cowl design project. 

Kim's Goals

Yes, the crazy goals are baaack! Kim enjoys making goals and finds that they help to motivate her. By the time they record next she wants to finish:
  1. The 2nd So Faded sweater
  2. Her Twigs and Willows cardigan
  3. Her St. Patty Socks
  4. The Flutter Sleeve Cardigan
  5. Knitting the sample for her cowl design
Her WIP goals are:
  1. The Cullum Tee, to have this cute sweater well on its way
  2. Spinning, in order to meet her 10K Stash Dash goal!
  3. Weaving (for SD,) either a scarf for her DH Tim or a runner for her dining room table. 
  4. A new CO using either her hand dyed Soft Linen yarn or her Shibui Linen. Hmmm.....


We thought it would be informative to do a review of the Polygon Blanket by Tincanknit using Cascade yarn Cherub Aran yarn that Kim and her knitting group knit for Marcy and Pippa. Here are the pros and cons that we spoke about:
  1. Both Kim and Marcy are happy with the cute pattern. The downside could be that it's knit in pieces and needs to be sewn together, (which ironically, is an upside because you're able to knit it on the go,) and there will be LOTS of ends to weave in. Also, a border needs to be knit or crocheted around the finished blanket. Being knit in pieces though, it does work well for a group project. 
  2. The yarn got both thumbs up and thumbs down ratings. It is a nice weight and very easy to care for  and Marcy is using it a lot with Pippa; however, the ends come out even after being woven in for many inches.  Several of the polygons have begun to unravel after laundering as well.  After finishing the blanket, Kim was very unsure about the size/shape as it was a long rectangle; however, Marcy says that she really likes that shape and is able to use it in many situations and she's very happy with it. 
For more information about this project, check out Kim's project page here. We hope that this helps you if you're thinking about knitting a blanket for a baby in your life.
Pippa enjoying her blanket.
Octagon blanket size 30"Wx60"L
Marcy has continued to make cute decor items for Pippa's nursery. Her husband cut the wood and she painted it to make an adorable  set of wooden arrow. She found the tutorial on the site

Wood arrows Marcy created with the help of her husband.

What's on our Black Board?

Kim has re-scheduled her trip to her hometown and will be visiting an LYS there. Marcy also has a trip planned for the end of the month and will be visiting her hometown in Washington. 

Thank you for joining us! We hope that your knitting is going well and that you're enjoying your summer and having a fantastic creating and making.

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