Friday, January 5, 2018

Episode 43: 2017 Wrap Up

Welcome Knitters! Well, this is our last episode of 2017 and we hope that you've all had a wonderful year. Today, Marcy and Kim will share their knitting wrap up and review the goals that they set last January. We'll also talk about our FO's, WIP's and new CO's. Grab your knitting, a hot chocolate or eggnog, put your feet up and join us!

Episode 43 Audio


Marcy with her P-Rex & Kim is wearing her Sunset Highway & holding up her Zweig.


What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA System
  • After the Finish Line
  • Goals and 2017 wrap up
  • Show & Tell
  • We are Uber Crafty
  • What's on our Black Board?

On the PA system

Marcy's leg she had surgery on.
  1. We wish you all a Happy and safe New Year!
  2. Kim wanted to share a fun knitting activity that she did with her knitting group before Christmas. She gathered some knitting trivia questions and knitting "activities" and called the game, "Knit for Brains." It was very amusing and fun was had by all. If you're interested in learning more about it, email Kim at or DM her on Ravelry.
  3. Marcy had cartridge regeneration surgery on her knee on 12/20 and has to sit with her leg up for 6 weeks. She's anticipating getting lots of knitting done!!! Heal quickly Marcy!

After the Finish Line

Marcy's little boy, Wilson, wore his Sock Monkey hat to preschool. Marcy wore her Cullum Tee to work. Kim wore her Ninilchik swoncho, her Whispers Tee, her Legacysweaterspin, many pairs of hand knit socks and her newly finished Sunset Highway. 

Marcy in her Cullum Tee at work.

Goals and 2017 Wrap Up

We both did pretty well with the yearly goals that we set last January. However, Marcy's goal to stash down didn't go well at all and Kim was a total fail at keeping a Dyer's and a Spinning Notebook. Overall, both knitters were very pleased with their accomplishments this year and they  are looking forward to a new year of knitting and fun in 2018! We'll cement these goals in our 1st episode of 2018 and write them down officially at that time. Do you have a theme or goals for the new year?

Show & Tell

Pippa and her stocking!
Wilson's & Pippa's Stocking.
Marcy has finished Pippa's Christmas stocking. The pattern is the  New Ancestral Christmas Stocking by Ann Shayne and the finished piece is beautiful. She also finished her Project Peace shawl by Christina Campbell and really enjoyed the entire process and she highly recommends the knit.
Peace Shawl knit by Marcy, isn't the yarn that Kim dyed for her beautiful in this shawl.

Marcy is so close to finishing her P-Rex cape by SoSu that she is declaring it done. This is a gorgeous and unique brioche and garter stitch sweater/poncho/cape and it's a fun and interesting knit.
Marcy's mom Terry trying on her P-Rex, doesn't she look good!

Kim has finally finished her Sunset Highway fair isle pullover by Caitlin Hunter. The sleeves were an issue...all user error...oy! She's very happy with the sweater now though and has been wearing it a lot. She is also working on the Zweig pullover by Caitlin Hunter and it's only lacking the sleeves and so it should easily be done before the end of the year.

The 2 pairs of Christmas socks are still not done and have been a bit of a pain, to be honest! Kim wants to finish them before Christmas 2018 so that they'll be ready to wear and enjoy. Also actively on the needles is the Damejakka Loppa by Pinnegurri and the P-Rex. These have not gotten a lot of attention recently. 

We are Uber Crafty

Over Christmas Kim made more yarn ornaments with her son and future fiancee (based on the patterns that she talked about in episode 42.

What's on our Black Board?

In episode 44 we will have a field trip episode and Marcy will share her experience of visiting Paradise Fibers in Spokane, Washington with us. We'll firm up our 2018 theme/goals and also share any FO's. Happy New Year Knitters, we wish you peace, love, joy and many hours of happy and creative making!

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