Friday, May 4, 2018

Episode 49: Good bye April

Hello dear knitters! Thanks for joining us for our 49th podcast. Marcy and Kim are in the classroom today (we actually recorded in Kim's husband's car!) and they will share all of their wip's, fo's, and uber craftiness. Grab your knitting, a soothing beverage, get really comfortable and settle in to listen to this installment of the Destined2knit podcast!

On a sadder note, Marcy's father was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marcy and her entire family during this challenging time. xx

Episode 49 Audio

Look at all Kim's scarves that she weaved.

Podcast shenanigans!

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the finish line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. We are Uber Crafty
  5. What's on our Black Board?     
On the P.A. System

  • Stash Dash is coming up! This yearly event is put on by the Knitgirllls video podcast and you can check their Ravelry forum for dates and information about this year's SD.
  • Marcy shared some information about the 1st LYS Day and how well it went! The designer Casapinka designed a shawl especially for the inaugural day and it's still available for purchase on Ravelry- the Local Yarn Shawl
  • She also talked about the tabs on the top of the 'yarn' page on Ravelry and how useful they are.  

After the Finish Line

Kim wore some of her hand knit socks and one of her "Crochet Crack Cardigans." There is no Ravelry project page for this project because it was knit/crocheted before she started keeping project pages. Here is another one of the crocheted cardigans that she made. The pattern is Chevron Lace Cardigan by Milobo. 

Marcy wore her Chaleur and you can hear more about this in ep. 45. She also wore her Wind Wave Tee and you can hear more about this top in ep 11. Marcy wore two of her sweaters from 2015, the After the Rain and the Eastbound Sweater
Marcy wearing her Chaleur when visiting her Grandma
with her Brother and Sister and Pippa!

Show & Tell

Kim is almost finished with her "Thanks Alice," socks. They need to have an afterthought heel picked up and knit. She is also continuing to work on her Tegna by Caitlin Hunter. Right now, she is stalled a bit because she's alternating her hand dyed skeins and she is also doing short rows on the shoulders/back and she can't alternate skeins while doing short, we'll see what happens!
This shows you how Kim picked up stitches above
and below the row that she's going to cut the yarn
in order to pick up and knit the afterthought heel
in her socks.

Marcy has finished the knitting on her Sandshore cardigan by Alicia Plummer. She loves it and is looking forward to wearing it. She is also continuing to work on her Wavelets Tee by Rumiko Alexander. This is a gorgeous oversized lacey top with a drop stitch repeat. 
Marcy's Finished Sandshore Cardigan!

We are Uber Crafty

Kim hasn't been knitting very much because she's been spending most of her making time weaving! She wants to use up the novelty yarn that she has from the 90's and 00's and weaving is a great way to use it up. She has finished 2 scarves and has another on the loom. This endeavor hasn't been HOWLER free though...when warping the loom for her 2nd scarf she messed it up THREE times in 3 different ways! Things are back on track and she's been using her Craftsy Unlimited membership to watch Deborah Jarchow's Rigid Heddle weaving class and that's been very helpful. 
This is the latest scarf on Kim's Cricket, rigid heddle loom.

The Cricket loom

What's on our Black Board?

Our next podcast will be our 50th episode! Marcy and Kim are planning something special to mark and celebrate the occasion and we hope that you'll join us.

Thank you for listening everybody. We hope you have a fantastic couple of weeks as we welcome May and warmer temperatures. Keep on knitting and we'll see you soon.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad, Marcy. Praying comfort for your family. So funny on the Howler, Kim. I think we've all had those days where it's more than just a brain's a total brain blackout. -Harpergigs

    1. Thanks for your condolences, time heals all. I am glad you can relate to Kim's brain fart with her loom, sometime we all need those days as a reminder that we all need help and we never stop learning. :-) Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us, we love hearing from our listeners. Cheers, Marcy