Friday, May 18, 2018

Episode 50: We celebrate our 50th!

Hello dear Knitters and welcome to our 50th podcast! We decided to change things up for this special episode and re-introduce ourselves for the newer listeners and to ask each other a few questions about our knitting life. We announce a few new Kal's and we share some of the plans that we have for the podcast in the coming months. Grab some champagne or sparkling cider along with your knitting and get comfortable!

Episode 50 Audio

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  • On the PA System
  • After the finish line
  • Getting to know us, a little tete a tete
  • What's on our black board?
    We celebrated our 50th podcast with champagne!

    Cheers to you listeners!

On the P.A. System

  1. June 9, 2018 is the annual event 'World Wide Knit in Public Day!' We are hosting an event on 6/9/18 at the Fox and Goose pub in down town Sacramento from 2:00-5:00 pm. We'd love to have you join us! Our plan is to not only knit in public together, but to also kick off a month long sock kal. We can all cast on together (if you're unable to join us, hopefully you'll be able to co at home or join an event that is in your area. Look here for details.) Either way, please tag us on Instagram with #destined2knitpodcastwwkip . You can also post in the forum on our Ravelry group.
  2. We would really appreciate it if listeners could rate and review the podcast on ITunes or wherever you download your podcasts. Thank you!
  3. Join our Ravelry group and introduce yourself, we look forward to meeting and getting to know you!

After the finish line

Kim was wearing her newly finished Tegna sweater by Caitlin Hunter. 

Marcy has worn her Dawning sweater, which you can hear more about in ep 15. She also wore her newly finished Sandshore open cardigan. Wilson wore his monster pants and you can hear more about them in ep. 24. Marcy was wearing her purchased knit sweater, which was a sample that she bought from our Lys. The Campbell & 2nd is a beautiful summer top and she's thrilled with it.
Marcy's altered Sandshore cardigan with the crochet fix around the neck,
you can see the collar doesn't lay flat now but it still looks good.


We both re share our knitting stories and a little bit about ourselves. 
We mention:
*Stitch and Bitch book by Debbie Stoller  *May is Bike Month  *Caitlin Hunter  *an interview with Caitlin by Kristy Glass *Andrea Mowry *Joji Locatelli *Veera Valimaki *Ann Budd and her Knit For Fun retreats *Andi Satterlund * Nancy Marchant * Bakery Bears Podcast *Vogue knitting Live 
Marcy's moms crochet vest that she has that her mom
made back in the 60's. Isn't it adorable!

What's on our Black Board?

Our sock kal will run from 6/9/18-7/9/18. On 8/1/18 we will start our 'Reading and Knitting Bingo' kal. This will be so much fun and Kim is hoping that you'll read and knit along with her this summer because that's such a great time to read! There'll be more details about that in our next episode. 

We are planning some more research papers. We would like to go in depth on these topics: decreasing, increasing, blocking and steeking. These will all be fun subjects to learn more about in the next 6 months. 

We will be taking a short hiatus while Kim and her DH are in Europe, but we'll be back in mid June with lots of knitting, spinning, sewing and weaving content! We'll share our experiences from the WWKIP day and much more. 

Thank you, as always, for joining us! We appreciate each and everyone of you. Happy Knitting!

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