Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Episode 52: Summer tops & lots of missing project pages!

Hello Knitters! Welcome to our 52nd podcast. Marcy and Kim share all of their FO's, WIP's and new CO's. We also have spinning, weaving and other crafty pursuits. Grab your knitting, a fizzy beverage, get comfy and join us!

Episode 52 Audio

Marcy & Kim after recording in
there local LYS Got your Goat.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the Finish Line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. We are Uber Crafty
  5. What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

***Our Sock KAL will wind up on July 9, 2018. We'll close and lock the thread on our Ravelry group on the morning of 7/10 (Pacific time, U.S) Thank you to Kim who is Harpergigs on Ravelry for posting an adorable pair of socks that she made with a hand loom. 

Marcy in her Mix No.19

After the Finish Line

Kim wore her heavily modded crochet cardigan. She doesn't have a project page for it...yet! Hopefully soon. When it's made I'll come back in and link it. 

Marcy wore her Sand Shore Cardigan by Alicia Plummer (ep.48.) Her new FO, Jessie's Girl by Elizabeth Smith,  is already a favorite summer tee. Mix No. 19 by Linda Tsymbal was finished back in August of 2015 and it's also one of Marcy's favorite summer tops. 

Show & Tell

Kim finished her 'Zinone' top by Andi Satterlund and she's really happy with the FO. She used KnitPicks Lindy Chain and enjoyed knitting with this linen/cotton blend yarn and it blocked beautifully. Kim is continuing to work on her 'Afterthought Everything' socks and hopes to have them finished next time. She has just CO the 'Leaves Shell' top by Kay Hopkins. Shibui's new 100% cotton yarn, Fern, is working up beautifully and is a delight to knit.
The Afterthought Everything Socks. Kim has
picked up stitches and is cutting the tubes apart
in order to knit their toes.

After separation

Marcy has finished her 'Jessie's Girl' top and it's gorgeous, simple and elegant. She used Forbidden Woolery Proverbs yarn in the Rainy Day Bouquet color. It's already her favorite tee. Her 'Gilead' by Leila Raabe is almost done, it just needs 1 more sleeve. Marcy used Lindy Chain from KnitPicks. 
To sleeve or not sleeve that is the question!

Marcy is working on her 2nd ballet flat using the pattern 'Keep them on Their Toes.' These would make quick, easy and lovely gifts! She has a brand new CO- Confetti by Veera Valimaki. She has decided to fade this pullover sweater and she spent a lot of time looking for the right yarns/colors and swatching. She is very happy with her final choices and is looking forward to knitting this beauty. 

My first attempt at trying to pare yarn with the Purple Yarn Ink ball.
None of them were speaking to me so I went another direction.

Now this is a better mix of yarn colors together, this yarn
needs to be in a fade so it can be seen in all its beauty.

We are Uber Crafty

Kim has been spinning and has finished the 2nd skein for one of her sweater spins. This is some fiber that she dyed last Summer and she is making a 3 ply yarn by chain plying it. There is no project page ... yet! Hopefully soon!

Kim has been having so much fun weaving and using up yarn from the 90's and 00's. Wool, silk and novelty yarn and it feels great to use it and create pretty scarves. So far,  she has finished 4 using her 10" Cricket Rigid Heddle loom and she has borrowed a 16" Cricket and is weaving  a shawl on that loom. No project pages for these...yet...(there seems to be a theme here!)
These are 3/4 of the scarves that Kim wove on her 10' Cricket.
The 4th scarf has been gifted.
Here is the fiber that Kim dyed before and after spinning on
her Lendrum wheel. 

The 2nd finished 3 ply skein.
Marcy is participating again in a really creative, fun and worthwhile fund raising event for interior design students.  The event is called Merge and its put on by the Northern California IIDA chapter. There are 12 teams of 6 people and their theme this year is "Into The Wild" and their muse is swamp! it will be so fun to see what they come up; the finished designs are always amazing! If you live in northern California or if you'll be visiting  on 7/14 check out the website and buy tickets, it'll be a great event.

Swamp dress Marcy is creating with her team.

What's on our Black Board?

We are hoping to visit a beautiful local Lys. 

Thank you for joining us! We hope that you are all feeling inspired by your knitting and having a fantastic Summer.  Stay cool and

Happy knitting!

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