Friday, November 30, 2018

Episode 60: All the new cast ons!

Hello Dear Knitters and welcome to episode 60! It's been a minute since Marcy and Kim sat down and shared all of their Wip's and new cast ons with you and we are excited to talk about ALL of them today! Grab YOUR favorite wip, a soothing beverage, get comfy and join us!

Episode 60 Audio

Marcy has tried on her Wool & Honey while its in progress
and Kim is holding her Rose Gold shawl.

What's in our Lesson Plan?

  1. On the PA System
  2. After the finish line
  3. Show & Tell
  4. We are Uber crafty
  5. What's on our Black Board?

On the PA System

  • Marcy found out about a fun and funny YouTube channel, "I am Brandon Farris." Check his channel out! Look for his learn to knit and learn to crochet videos.
  • Kim recommends checking out the kristy glass knits YouTube channel. Her "Tell me about your Rhinebeck sweater episodes are wonderful (and dangerous for your queue!) and her Halloween ep this year was a hysterical spoof on other video podcasts. 
  • Marcy talked about the 2018 Project Peace by the Healthy Knitter. This is a lovely and worthwhile project during this busy time of year. 

After the Finish Line

Kim wore:
  1. Her Gilead pullover by Leila Raabe. Fo from 8/18.
  2. P-Rex poncho by SoSu. Fo from 1/18.
  3. Lots of socks, but especially my Thanksgiving self stripping socks from 11/15.
  4. Lintilla shawl by Martina Behm. Fo from 3/14.
  5. Little Bird pullover by Veera Valimaki. Fo from 3/18.
  6. Veronika pullover by CocoKnits. Fo from 5/17.
  7. Handspun granny stripped crochet blanket. Fo from 12/16.

Marcy wore:
  1. Arizona Tee by Amy Gunderson. Fo from 8/18.
  2. Wavelets Tee by Yumiko Alexander. Fo from 4/18.
  3. Chaleur pullover by Julie Hoover. Fo from 2/18.
  4. Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry. Fo from 12/16.
  5. After the Rain  pullover by Heidi Kirmaier. Fo from 10/15.

Show & Tell

Kim has some new cast ons! She started the Rose Gold shawl by Andrea Mowry using her handspun yarn and a set of gradient minis from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (this is some Stiches West yarn from 2018.) She also cast on her handspun "Gingerbread Christmas' sweater. The pattern is Stillwater by Marie Greene. She did have a huge howler because she didn't read the darn pattern and Kim ended up having to rip out over 16 rows : ( . But, she's back on track now and will be done by 12/1.  Finally, Kim and a knitting friend dyed self stripping sock yarn. She immediately cast on some vanilla socks with the yarn because she was very excited to see how the yarn stripped. 

Marcy has some gorgeous new cast ons the as well! Her 'Just Like Honey' shawl by Lesley Anne Robinson using Aberdeen Wool Co Tangled Gypsies in the brit pop color and Neighborhood fiber Co. capital luxury sport in the rock creek color.  She also cast on the Wool & Honey pullover by Andrea Mowry. She is using Brooklyn Tweed loft in the Tartan color. 

We are Uber Crafty

Kim hand dyed self stripping sock yarn with a friend and it was very fun and also very time consuming! There was lots of uber craftiness with the wedding, rehearsal dinner and day after brunch, but this isn't a wedding podcast!

Marcy has done some sewing. She is making a robe, baby hat, baby onesie, baby sheets, 2T pj shirt and bottoms. 
All the beautiful things Marcy made.
Sleep sack with hat, onsie
with foooted pants.
Robe for mom.

Gauze reciving blanket, fitted sheet, sleep sack,
and hat with custom name.

What's on our Black Board?

In our next podcast Kim and Marcy will share everything that they've finished, started and are currently working on. We hope that your knitting is behaving (hint, read the pattern, it does help!) Have a wonderful couple of weeks and allow your knitting to soothe you during the stressful moments during this Holiday season. Happy Knitting!

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